Episode 89 – Better Call Drew 3

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In our third episode of Better Call Drew, Ryan and Jamie discuss the Episodes 403 and 404 of AMC’s Better Call Saul…without Drew!!



Episode 88 – Speaking of the Dead XIII

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It’s our first installment of Speaking of the Dead since the midseason return of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. In this week’s episode, we discuss the storm that has separated the group forcing some of the most troubled survivors to confront their demons head-on.

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Episode 87 – Better Call Drew 2

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In this episode it’s back to CHSR 97.9 FM for more Season 4 of The Recap Sequence! Drew from Against The Mat joins us to talk about another Season 4 premiere: Better Call Saul!

Enjoy our (long overdue!) second installment of Better Call Drew!



Episode 86 – Saint John Vacation with Brent O’Hara

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It’s our Season 4 premiere episode, recorded live at Local 107.3 FM in Saint John! In this episode, we recap Marvel’s Ant-Man And the Wasp, connect some more Infinity War dots and look ahead to a brand new series of Marvel recaps with guest Brent O’Hara!

We also stopped by Saint John’s local comic shop Heroes’ Beacon to talk new comics, gaming and more!

Thanks again Local 107.3 FM for hosting us for this very special episode!


Episode 85 – Speaking of the Dead XII

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In this episode, we share our thoughts on that exciting first half of Fear the Walking Dead, Season 4.  We also look ahead to this season’s B-side as well as the big changes on deck for Season 9 of The Walking Dead.

Oh, and it’s our own Season 3 FINALE EPISODE! Thanks to everyone who has tuned in, subscribed, followed, retweeted and most of all, shared your time with us! We have BIG PLANS for Season 4 and look forward to being back behind the mics soon.

And it won’t be long – we’ll be posting episodes in July and return to LIVE radio on August 8!


Episode 83 – Speaking of the Dead XI, Star Trek and ECCE 2018 Redux

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In this episode, we reconnect with Jennifer Lambe to chat The Walking Dead and Hal-con 2018 and look ahead Star Trek Discovery, Season 2. The second half of the show is an encore presentation of our ECCE 2018 interviews with a brand new double-digest-sized new comics update from Strange Adventures!