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Episode 57 – Speaking of Thrones XVI and Twenty Years of Harry Potter

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The reunions continue on Game of Thrones as the stakes are raised across Westreros. Bran sees the threat beyond the Wall leading Jon and Tyrion to act. Some familiar faces return to join the fight, and Cersei has some surprising news for Jaime.

Don’t miss Speaking of Thrones Wednesday, August 16 at 9PM on CHSR 97.9 FM, followed by Twenty Years of Harry Potter with Mark The Encaffeinated One!

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Episode 48 – Iron Fist with Mark the Encaffeinated One

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On this week’s episode Mark the Encaffeinated One joins us to talk about the latest Netflix/Marvel offering: Iron Fist.

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2017 Barry Awards – Fan Vote!

The Recap Sequence – 2016 Highlights:

Happy New Year!

2016 was a big year for The Recap Sequence! When we debuted on CHSR 97.9 FM in January, we were just a couple of TV fans, jazzed about the return of the X Files and hanging on to hope that Jon Snow was really alive.

Since then, we have produced 35 regular episodes, a 10-episode Speaking of Thrones stand-alone series and one nerdtastic, 2-hour, star-studded Star Trek season one finale episode.

Thanks to a recurring cast of expert contributors, a handful of celebrity guests willing to give us a bit of their time, and most of all, our listeners, we humbly and proudly look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in 2017!

And here’s where you can let us know what you think! It’s Barry Award time and you can vote for your Favorite CHSR Music Show, Favorite CHSR Spoken Word Show and Favorite CHSR Host. Want to see “The Recap Sequence” emblazoned across one of those awards?

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2017 Barry Awards Fan Vote

You can also vote for your favorite host. Is it Jamie? Is it Ryan? Is it an adorable lab-cultured Jamie AND Ryan abomination? Or maybe it’s just some other host from some other show – and that’s great too. CHSR has a talented field of contenders to choose from and all are deserving of your vote. That said, we’d love to have yours to kick off our 2017!

To help you decide, why not check out this clip of just a few of our highlights in 2016?

The Recap Sequence – 2016 Highlights

Thanks to all of you for a fantastic year one!

All the best in 2017!

Jamie and Ryan
The Recap Sequence

Episode 35 – Sweet Christmas! It’s a Luke Cage Recap with Mark the Encaffeinated One!

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On this week’s episode we’ll be talking all about Luke Cage with CHSR’s Mark the Encaffeinated One!

Be sure to tune in to CHSR 97.9 FM at 9PM/8PM EST for our timely breakdown of Season 1, right on the heels of this week’s announcement that Marvel’s Luke Cage has been renewed for a second season on Netflix!

Sweet Christmas!


Episode 25 – Speaking of Stranger Things


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Tune in to CHSR 97.9 FM on Wednesday, September 7th at 9PM (Atlantic) for a full hour of all things stranger with guest Mark the Encaffeinated One!

Join the discussion LIVE by tweeting us @recapsequence or call us at the station during the show (506-452-6056)!

See you on the upside down!

Episode 023 – Back in the C.H.S.R.

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We are back from our summer break and what better way to shake off the cobwebs than an in-studio chat with Mark the Encaffeinated One?! Mark steadfastly avoided all spoilers during the biggest reveals of Game of Thrones, Season 6, watching the last installment of the HBO epic on his own terms. Ser Strong-willed!

This week, we take a look back at the episodes that have laid the foundation for the inevitable end, which will be upon us in just 13 episodes. Sure we have time – “Winter” isn’t coming until at least Summer of 2017, but how are they going to do answer all of our questions in just 13 all-too-short hours of programming?!

Tune in to CHSR 97.9 FM (or online at Sunday, August 23rd at 9PM Atlantic / 8PM Eastern as we bid a final “farewell for now” to Game of Thrones and reluctantly settle in for the long wait for more…

Episode 20 – The World of Harry Potter

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On this week’s episode, Ryan and Mark the Encaffeinated One recap the wizarding world of Harry Potter in anticipation of the release of a new book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, next month. If you’re a Potter fan, or just a wizard-in-training eagerly awaiting November’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, this episode is for you!

Jay from Strange Adventures also recaps the week in comics followed by an encore presentation of the latest “Speaking of Thrones” to prepare you for Sunday night’s penultimate episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”!

Be sure to tune in to CHSR 97.9 (online at Sunday, June 19th at 9:00PM (8:00PM ET) for the 20th episode of The Recap Sequence!